Award Winning Artist




I gained an honours degree in fine art from DeMontfort University, graduating in 2008 as a mature student, and was offered a place on that University's Masters Programme. 

                 My studio is now a large timber room in my back garden, which fullfills a need to just step out and make work as and when the compulsion drives me. I have  had works exhibited in Andaluc√≠a, Sweden and the UK. In 2013 one of my works (Number 5) was voted into the top 50 of Britains Got Artists, and another piece, Y2K13/12 won the only award on offer at Windows On, Leicester, in 2012.


I work in mixed media, oils, and acrylics and my works are basically figurative , where there is a lot of auto-biography, and abstractions.

Basically my prices for canvas and board paintings are £20 per linear foot (or part thereof), plus delivery. I think this gives a consistency to my pricing policy

to purchase any work please contact me through the contact page on this website.



 all images copyright the artist, Steve B Robinson, for perpetuity