Award Winning Artist



I gained an honours degree in fine art from DeMontfort University, graduating in 2008 as a mature student, and was offered a place on that University's Masters Programme. 


           I now occupies a small studio in the Sparkenhoe Business Centre, Southfield Road, Hinckley, Leics. 

I have  had works exhibited in Andaluc√≠a, Sweden and the UK. In 2013 one my works (Number 5) was voted into the top 50 of Britains Got Artists, and another piece, Y2K13/12 won the only award on offer at Windows On, Leicester, in 2012.




I work in mixed media on either board, canvas or paper for my monoprints. My themes have been very figurative in the past as can be seen if you look through my various galleries here, but as from 2016 my main focus is going to be on the abstract. My figurative works were begining to go in that direction anyway, so its not a major change really. In fact, looking at my newest figurative works, all Im really doing is removing the idea of a person being in the work and adding a lot of thought to the abstraction itself. 

Basically my prices for canvas and board paintings are £20 per linear foot (or part thereof). I think this gives a consistency to my pricing policy

to purchase any work please contact me through the contact page on this website.



 all images copyright the artist, Steve B Robinson, for perpetuity